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I am in the process of putting the finishing touches to a series of new and exciting products. (One of which is landmarked in the title of this post)

There will be a suite of videos, programs and bonuses available in an exclusive membership area of the site that will be available via a VERY small annual subscription to the first 10 members.

Members will be able to access the training and resources 24/7 for the duration of their membership and the content will continue to grow so that they have ongoing fresh information and assistance.

As the New Year draws nearer I am hoping to open the doors to a select few at the VERY low annual subscription by mid to late January.

If you would like updates on the progress and availability of the members area feel free to drop me a line and sign up for the newsletter.

Should anyone have a product of their own that they would like to showcase, lets get our heads together and work it through.