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Need Leads? Of Course You Do   Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!

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FREE Website or Product Review OFFER   Time Limited SPECIAL

SPI 272: Starting and Running a Business as a Couple Featuring the Bakers

Not long ago, I asked you guys to send me your favorite business partnerships—couples and friends who’ve teamed up to start and run a business together. I received lots of recommendations for one couple in particular, who’d impressed you all with their transparency as business owners and knack for communication: Bryan and Erika Baker from

Through their blog, live video series, online course, and private coaching, the Bakers help couples (romantic and otherwise) improve their communication. Bryan and Erika draw from their personal experiences as partners and parents to give their audience an honest, authentic look at how real couples resolve conflicts and grow closer. This strategy has helped them grow a thriving business and won them a huge community of raving fans. I had to know how they’d done it.

In this episode, you’ll hear first-han

Instacode – Review by Dominus Markham

The word on the streets, one of the “must have” products is Instacode….and what would I say about that?  Well, as I know Michelle Thompson she kindly gave me a review copy of the product and asked for a no holds barred assessment and review of it….so here goes Michelle…hang on to your hat!!!

From my first visit to the sales page, I already knew the appeal this would have with people…people seeking an honest solution to an ongoing need.

The informational video will give you the connection with the real people behind the product immediately, and that is key in the market today.

The Instacode product consists of a very well written

Who Is Gareth Daine – The White Hat SEO Geezer? By Dominus Markham

In a world littered with people trying to make a fast buck, rip people off and pretenders, it is often difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and find genuine people that are what I call “the real people”.

Now, in the last few months I have been focusing more on my online content creation production and have been spending more time on social media to find resources, pointers, tips, up to date techniques and people and groups to connect to in order to assist me on my journey.

Whilst I have found lots and lots of people to block or ignore I happened to virtually bump into a guy who, in a very short space of time has renewed my faith in there being some of the “real people” still out there.

Gareth Daine, UK based with a wealth of SEO and Content Marketing experience and knowledge IS one of the “REAL PEOPLE”.  He is very active in the SEO community and runs several well subscribed groups within

I Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14th

I just had to let you know about a NEW product coming online on Friday

y the 14th July, brought to the market by Michelle Thompson who is working with Bill Hugall and Dirk Wagner.

Once live it will be snapped up by all you guys and gals looking to have user friendly products and services that are quality and DELIVER….

Want to make money online? Then this product is for YOU.

I have already had a review copy of everything that is going on and I am probably as excited as Michelle about the launch on Friday.

My review goes live Friday, so getting in line and subscribe to my blog to be the first to see 🙂

AND of course grab my link so you c

Social Media Connections

As many of you will have realised, building social media connections is key to expanding your authority online.

The “problem” as such is time costs, and we all know that “time is money” so when we have to reproduce a posting several times for several different social media platforms it can be overbearing.

However, and I know we can install front end social sharer plugins that allow a quick share to individual platforms……but perhaps we would prefer to create once and press post and it goes out to them all at once. Even better if you could post on your blog and schedule the posting to other sites at a given date and time….

Well, I am hoping this free plugin I am writing a Quick Post on, does all of the above, I am hoping this goes to Facebook, Twitter and one of my other blogs, all at the same time….so we shall see.

There is a pro-version which does more but for now, lets experiment with this level.

Incidentally, I am not an affiliate of this product (SNAP) I found it, like

 2k-5k Days? Seriously?

And if you haven’t heard about the Six Figure PLR Academy yet listen up because Liz Tomey has created a system that she will coach you through where you can create $2k-$5k paydays over and over again! PLR ACADEMY Liz […]

“Golden Ticket To Make Money Online”

“Make Money Online – Private Members Academy” It’s often difficult to make money online and that is usually due to all of the “noise” out there! We become inundated with emails and adverts promising  “Money Pumping System’s”, sometimes we succumb […]