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Yep, it’s true… Not only can you grab a free copy, you can rebrand it with your links as well!

From the desk of Val Wilson

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Want to build an IM list? If so, then I have something for you that you’re going to love… and that your subscribers are going to love… hell, even the haters are going to love this…

C’mon, stop reading, just hit the Download Button NOW 🙂



Still reading?

OK… 😉

You’ve heard it time and time again… but I’ll say it again anyway.

The money is in the list.

Building a list and building a relationship with that list is hands down the most important thing you can do as a marketer.

And the best way to get that relationship of to a good start is by giving something of real value.

First impressions matter, right?

And what has the highest perceived value?

People love software. It has a much higher perceived value than ebooks or videos.

Just look at the best sellers list in any digital marketplace – JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, wherever – they are ALL dominated by software.

This is from

It’s a Simple Fact – Software Sells.


And when it comes to building your list through free offers, the same applies – if you offer software for free, you WILL get a higher conversion rate, more people on your list – and make MORE MONEY.

So you know you need to offer a quality software product…. where do you get this at?

Well, you can either create it yourself – if you are a coding whizzkid… most of us aren’t. 

Or you can outsource it – if you have VERY deep pockets… most of us don’t. 

Or you can simply take up my very generous offer, download my software and give it to your subscribers. You can even rebrand it and make it unique to you – rename it and add YOUR affiliate link.



Niche Eureka
Rebrandable List Building Software

I’ve compiled my Niche Eureka video training course within a software Desktop Application that will not only deliver a great niche selection video course (created by myself, not some rehashed PLR), but deliver it in a way that your subscribers will go mad for.

The software is Fully Rebrandable. Using my in built rebrander, in just a couple of clicks you can rename it to make it your own, AND add your own affiliate link to the ‘More Info’ link.

Everytime someone clicks through and buys the carefully selected high converting Niche Marketing training product being promoted, you will earn commissions.

AND I’m also giving you Full Giveaway Rights to it!


So Here Is Exactly What You Get… 

Niche Eureka Software with Rebrander

You will receive the Desktop Software Plus the Rebrander. In just a few clicks you can rebrand the software (it’s really simple, but full video training is included). The rebranded software is yours to use any way you like.

It is ideal for building your list, but there are LOTS of other ways to make money with this – you get full Private Label Rights.


The Niche Eureka Video training course 

This program features a comprehensive course on an evergreen topic – how to find a profitable niche. It includes 7 professionaly made over the shoulder videos, each detailing a different method to easily uncover profitable niches. Using these methods, niche selection will never be a roadblock to success again.

Even without the obvious potential of the giveaway rights, this is truly worth getting for the training itself. I have sold 500+ copies of this as a paid product– this is top quality training.

This excellent resource installs as a program directly on your (or your subscribers’) computer and is available as a shortcut on your desktop.

No more searching for those login details or wasting time going through your folders… in just one click the full training will pop up, ready to watch in a convenient accessible window.

Here’s How You Can Use This Software

  • Give it away to build your list
  • Sell it and keep 100% of the profits
  • Give it to existing subscribers as a “thanks”
  • Add it to giveaway events
  • Use it as a bonus for a paid offer
  • Use it as a bonus for an affiliate offer
  • Add it to software sharing sites
  • Share it on social media sites

Remember, the ‘More Info’ link inside will be YOUR affiliate link – so when anyone clicks through and buys,
YOU get paid!

OK, so what’s the Catch?

So why am I giving away a free software? What’s the catch?

There truly isn’t one.

It’s a win-win situation.

You get a genuinely valuable product for free that you can use to build yourself a list of satisfied subscribers.

I get a chance to build a relationship with you, to show you how I can help you, and of course to show you my paid offers… which you’ll be much more likely to buy, because by then you’ll realize the quality of my products, my training and my support.

What’s not to like? 🙂


Now, one last thing before you grab this amazing freebie….

When you click the button, you will be taken through a “checkout” page.


This IS a free offer – at no point are you asked for money, card details or anything like that. I‘m just using the free checkout feature of Warrior Plus for tracking purposes.

You will be shown a couple of my offers… c’mon, I wouldn’t have much credibility as a marketer if I didn’t have a funnel behind this 🙂

The upgrades are simply extra closely related products that I know can help you make even more from this giveaway with even less work, should you choose to get them.

But you do NOT need to buy ANY of them in order to get and use the software and rebrander as promised on this page.

So click the download button below to get this software, rebrand it in just a couple of clicks, and start profiting from it.

Just One Word of Warning…

This will not remain free forever – the plan is to move this  software to a PAID membership site, so it will ONLY be available there.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned... this WSO may close at any time.

If you want this quality rebrandable software – and why wouldn’t you? It’s FREE!! – get it now before this offer is closed.

Ok, that’s it. I am not going to waste your time with pages of pushy sales copy. Especially not on something that is free 🙂

You know exactly what you’re getting. It’s free. Grab it while it’s still here.

All I ask in return is that you actually use it – in the right hands, it is VERY valuable.

To your success,

Val Wilson

PS: Did I mention… this is FREE? 😉 C’mon, click the Download button now.