Social Media Connections

As many of you will have realised, building social media connections is key to expanding your authority online.

The “problem” as such is time costs, and we all know that “time is money” so when we have to reproduce a posting several times for several different social media platforms it can be overbearing.

However, and I know we can install front end social sharer plugins that allow a quick share to individual platforms……but perhaps we would prefer to create once and press post and it goes out to them all at once. Even better if you could post on your blog and schedule the posting to other sites at a given date and time….

Well, I am hoping this free plugin I am writing a Quick Post on, does all of the above, I am hoping this goes to Facebook, Twitter and one of my other blogs, all at the same time….so we shall see.

There is a pro-version which does more but for now, lets experiment with this level.

Incidentally, I am not an affiliate of this product (SNAP) I found it, like what it say and if it works I will be using it……here goes

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