Who Is Gareth Daine – The White Hat SEO Geezer? By Dominus Markham

In a world littered with people trying to make a fast buck, rip people off and pretenders, it is often difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and find genuine people that are what I call “the real people”.

Now, in the last few months I have been focusing more on my online content creation production and have been spending more time on social media to find resources, pointers, tips, up to date techniques and people and groups to connect to in order to assist me on my journey.

Whilst I have found lots and lots of people to block or ignore I happened to virtually bump into a guy who, in a very short space of time has renewed my faith in there being some of the “real people” still out there.

Gareth Daine, UK based with a wealth of SEO and Content Marketing experience and knowledge IS one of the “REAL PEOPLE”.  He is very active in the SEO community and runs several well subscribed groups within