Targeted Traffic Source – Whats The Secret?

People use the phrase “The Money Is In The List” and hey, that is true.

However to get a list, especially one of any value, you require Traffic, not just any traffic but targeted niche relevant traffic.

It’s fine paying for 10,000 visits a day to your offer but chances are less than 1% will be remotely interested in your service or product.

Conversion rates on a first visit to a site are Globally less than 3% – So if you do the maths on that:

BUY 10,000 Visitors (none targeted) X 1% (possibly) interested = 100 visitors might have an interest X 3% (might convert into an interested customer) = 3

Now to me that’s a pretty poor result but if you put it into context, lets say you take an audience of 10,000 vegans and offer them free butchery lessons, well perhaps that’s an extreme illustration, but I am guessing the conversion rate would most definitely be less than 3%.

I think you get the idea.


Targeted Traffic Source - Whats The Secret?


So, what do we do?

  • How do we get niche specific laser targeted traffic?
  • What level of work and technical know how is involved?
  • Where do we find this traffic and what cost is there to it?

Lots of questions, I know and I will help you with the answers……

NOTICE There isnt a PayPal button on this page for you to buy a package to give you the Traffic Source you need?


Because, while there are several constants in the mechanics of Targeted Traffic there are also many methods that are individually relevant only to their specific niche.

Plus we live in an age where your friendly Search Engine has ever changing goal posts as to who qualifies to be found.

If you want further information on how to get better quality Traffic or indeed about any of my services use the contact for or messenger facility so that we can connect and progress.

I look forward to working with you.

Dominus Owen Markham